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BIGHEAD is a leading luxury glamping tents manufacturer in Europe. All our tents are fully customizable and designed for each of our customer. There is no mass production but we take each project individually. We use only high quality material from wooden poles, canvas and unique wooden hardwood furniture inside.

We have already turned many locations into extraordinary and luxury glamping destination. We strongly believe in our products and we also believe that glamping and tourism in general are on the rise. Not to mention an "ECO", "green" and "back to nature" tourism which glamping certantly is.

With that being said we are always looking for a new partnership. With partnership we mean someone who has a land and who is thinking about making a glamping resort on that land. We believe this is a "win - win" situation for all of us. You can get our glamping tents for much cheaper price or maybe even free (depends on land value) and we get a land when we can build our glamping resort with our tents. So we share an investment and later when glamping resort will be ready to rent we also share a profit and invest into new things together. We can start on a small scale (with just a few tents) and grow slowly over time.

So what kind of land (parcel) we are looking for (ideally)?

  • At least around 1000 square meters of land (parcel)
  • Somewhere close to us (bacause of the logistic) - ideally Slovenia, Istria (Croatia)...
  • Land (parcel) with all the papers and documents and permissions
  • Land in a proper zone (it's legal to build glamping tents and infrastracture on it)
  • Land near or around tourist place (sights, river, sea...) or town
  • Land with possible electrical connection, water connection, sewerage, access road etc

Do you think you have a right parcel (land) for us? Let us know:

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We have already turned many locations into extraordinary glamping destination.
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